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persian sculpture is often characterized by which  motifs
The term “Persia” can be used as a synonym for Iran. It can also be used more specifically, however, to denote pre-Islamic Iran (see History of the Ancient Middle East). This latter definiton is used throughout Essential Humanities. The two great ages of Persian civilization were the First Persian... Read more
Persian Cuisine
Persian cuisine is ancient, varied and cosmopolitan. Eating habits and products from ancient Greece, Rome and many Asian and Mediterranean cultures have influenced and are affected by this unique cuisine. It has borrowed spices, styles and recipes from India and has in turn influenced Indian food. There are many... Read more
shabe yalda

shabe yalda

Iranian ceremonies December 19, 2012 0

slaughtering Mithra is a symbole of rain because blood of cow is rain New Mithraic Calendar year start in 21 december,chelleh or Yalda or Mithra fest in Iran The cult of Persian god Mithra, probably brought to the Romans by Turkish pirates during the first century A.D., spread throughout... Read more
Reza shah Birth place
Rezā Shāh Pahlavi (reˈzɑː ˈʃɑːhe pæhlæˈviː, born Rezā Khan (March 15, 1878 – July 26, 1944), was the Shah of the Imperial State of Iran from December 15, 1925, until he was forced to abdicate by the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran on September 16, 1941. In 1925, Reza Shah overthrew Ahmad Shah Qajar, the last Shah of the Qajar dynasty, and founded... Read more
Sang no waterfall Behshahr
Behshahr is a beautiful city in southeastern of Caspian sea in Mazandaran provine City is between sea and dense forested mountain sang in persian mean stone and ‘no’ means new alltogether means ‘new stone’ Read more
This text is from website of mazda company The company’s name, “Mazda,” derives from Ahura Mazda, a god of the earliest civilizations in West Asia. We have interpreted Ahura Mazda, the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony, as the symbol of the origin of both Eastern and Western civilizations,... Read more
In Persian mythology, Simurgh, (Persian: سيمرغ, Middle Persian: senmurv) was a winged, bird-like creature that was very large and extremely ancient. The Simurgh appears in many Iranian literary classics such as Farid ud-Din Attar’s Conference of the Birds as instructor and birds leader, and in Ferdowsi’s epic Shahnameh (The... Read more

zoroaster in tajikestan

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The Sevruguin photo shows Nasser ad-Din Shah Qajar on the right(king of Iran 1825-1875). And his famous Pantaloon,Malijak sitting at left The Iran Photo Museum has mounted an exhibition of photos taken by international photographers during the Qajar era, in the capital city of Tehran. The event displays a... Read more
By day, Pardis Sabeti is a Harvard evolutionary geneticist who is using an algorithm she developed to try to understand how the malaria parasite develops resistance to the drugs we use to fight it. By night, Sabeti and her band Thousand Days play the clubs around greater Boston. In... Read more